Solar Engery



S475+ wind power monitoring

Real-time monitoring of various wind assessment parameters such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, air pressure, solar radiation, voltage and current.



S47X temperature and humidity sensor solar monitoring system

The use of solar power systems to solve environmental monitoring, forest fire prevention, and highway monitoring equipment power supply issues has become the fastest, most effective, and most convenient way. No human operation (automatic control), economic, energy saving, environmental protection and so on. Moreover, solar power generation is a clean energy source that has neither resources nor pollution, and has a long service life, stable performance, and low maintenance costs.



S256 solar Energy remote monitoring

The normal operation of the solar power system can only see the operation of the system at the front end. To realize the real-time observation of the operation of the solar power system, we use the 3G/4G transmission module to realize the remote transmission of data. The solar power system data monitoring system can query the instantaneous power generation current, voltage, active power and active energy of the solar power generation system.



DTU photovoltaic power generation Internet of Things remote monitoring

Real-time control of the location information of photovoltaic power generation equipment and display on the map; real-time monitoring and display of the operating status of photovoltaic power generation equipment and collection of various operational data, including inverter quantity, current, voltage, temperature, power generation and other data; photovoltaic power generation equipment Management, including equipment model, equipment parameters, equipment location, equipment investment time and other information