PLC Machine IoT Solutions



4G Power Status Monitoring Alarm Used in Solar Panel

Based on 4G wireless network communication,Used in Solar Panels to monitoring power Voltage or inverter power status via SMS,Cloud Platform.



Boiler Safety Remote Monitoring Soltuion

S272 applied to Boiler IOT remote monitoring to realize real-time monitoring boiler pressure, output steam pressure, temperature, water level in the boiler, gas pressure, etc. Once abnormal it will immediately alarm, and alarm-link valve, weChat, voice, SMS, monitoring center alarm.



D224 is applied to remote monitoring of CNC lathe

The user of the equipment can observe the running status of the equipment at any time, and timely provide early warning, which improves the reliability of the equipment operation.



D223 remote acquisition scheme of non-standard automation equipment parameters

The definition of non-standard automation equipment is a user-customized, user-only, non-market-distributed automation system integration equipment. It is assembled by unit equipment manufactured according to the unified industry standards and specifications promulgated by the state. It is based on the needs of customers. Develop equipment designed and manufactured.



Monitoring Scheme of Fan Frequency Converter in DTU Aquaculture Farm

The fan plays a vital role in the breeding process. The environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure of the farm are controlled by the fan. The frequency of the fan is controlled by the frequency converter to make the environment of the farm reach the suitable environment for the chicken.