Analog Input Remote IO Modules

The Analog input Ethernet Remote I/O module provides 4/8 isolated 12bits analog inputs, supports 0~5V,0~10V,4~20mA,0~20mA analog signal. All of the I/O with high sampling frequency and special filtering strategy to ensure it’s reliable.Integrated 1 Industrial 10/100M adaptive Ethernet module inside. It supports standard Modbus TCP, can be intergraded into SCADA, OPC server, and other automation systems.

◆ Industrial design, stable and reliable, suitable for harsh environment;
◆ Support 4 or 8 analog inputs, the input adopts surge protection design;
◆ 1 RS485 supports Modbus master and slave protocol for expanding IO or HMI;
◆ 1 RJ45 Ethernet interface supports TCP Server and TCP Client services;
◆ Support Modbus TCP and MQTT protocols, can access SCADA, MES and cloud platforms;
◆ As a TCP server, it can support 5 TCP links at the same time.