Ethernet Remote Controller

The Ethernet IoT RTU (Ethernet Remote Controller) is an IoT Gateway, equips IO and 2 channels RS485,can be used as Modbus Master or Slave, and extend IO ports.Powerful programability and timer functions,suitable for industrial automation systems and industiral 4.0, and data acquisition and remote control applications. Compatible Modbus TCP and MQTT IoT Protocols and can intergrate to the KPIIOT IoT Cloud Platform and OPC, SCADA and MES systems to build an industiral IoT Solution.

◆Equips 2 RS485, 1 Ethernet Port;

Supports mapping registers and edge computing;

◆Supports DIN,AIN,DO,Temperature&Humidity inputs;

Compatible Modbus TCP and MQTT IoT Protocols;

Compatible the KPIIOT IoT Cloud Platform;

Compatiable OPC, SCADA and MES systems.