Industrial Sensor Accessories

Typical Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Typical Temperature and Humidity Sensor for IoT gateway and IoT RTU

◆High reliability and excellent long-term stability
◆Wired supports digital analog output;
◆Applications include thermostatic controls, industrial systems, consumer products, thermometers, or any thermally sensitive system
◆Suitable for our IoT Gateway M2M RTU S47X,S37X,S27X,S17X,RTU502X,S26X series

Door Contact Motion Detectors

Included wired and wireless door magnetic contact,it is usually installed in exterior opening doors and windows that are reachable from the ground (or from another part of a building which is accessible from the ground - such as a garage).

◆For monitoring door/window status;

◆Wired supports digital output;

Liquid Level Detectors Transducers

Liquid Level Detectors Transducers is used for measure the liquid level applications.

Other Accessories

IoT RTU Gateway Data Loggers, DTU and Remote IO Modules Accessories

IoT RTU Gateway Data Loggers, DTU and Remote IO Modules Accessories

Power Meter Power Transducers

Power meter and power transducers for monitoring single/three phase power failure,current,voltage....

Temperature Humdity Transducer

The temperature transducer integrated the temperature sensor and transmitter,supports different temperature/humidity range,can be used for various application.

Water Leakage Detectors

Wireless Water Leakage Detector is a very useful unit, it can work standalone as well as work with the alarm panel.Low power consumption and high sensitive, usually it will be installed under the water valve or water pipe to monitor the water leakage.

Low power consumption and high sensitive

◆Wired supports digital output;

Waterproof Enclosure

FS-A/FS-B/FS-C are three different size waterproof enclosure for King Pigeon M2M IoT panel, it is used for outdoor environment and projects.

M2M IoT RTU Gateway Panel Waterproof Enclosure