NBIOT Temperature Sensors

The NB IOT wireless temperature IoT gateway IoT10x series is a wireless IoT gateway,based on NB-IOT communication technology. Widely used for low power consumption and small data transfer such as wireless remote temperature, temperature and humidity monitoring, wireless remote toxic gas monitoring, etc. Small volume and low frequency of data transmission.

Ultra-low power consumption design;

◆Powered on by 3 Pcs AAA battery; 

◆Monitoring Battery voltage;

◆Measurement temperature -55~125℃;

◆Inbuild industrial NB-IOT Module;

◆Supports timer upload, alarm upload functions; 

Compatible MQTT Protocol for the 3rd part cloud; 

◆Support Cloud Platform, APP Remote monitoring;

Provides PCBA or IP67 Waterproof enclousure;

◆Widely used for door status, smoke sensor,gas, level etc.