Cellular Alarm Controllers

GSM 3G 4G SMS Controller Alarm

The GSM 3G 4G SMS Controller Alarm is a very simple device which can be used for authorized door access, controlling gates,switching of remote equipments, car parking systems. Actually the GSM 3G 4G SMS Controller can be used in places which require turning ON/OFF your system, machines, and equipments remotely with a SMS text from your mobile phone and protect your assets.

◆Support 2 relay outputs;
◆Support 2/4/8 alarm logic digital inputs;
◆3 SMS Alert numbers,5 Alarm dial numbers;
◆Support Android/IOS APP;
◆Support USB configure parameters;
◆Support  power lost/recover alarm;
◆Compatiable GSM,3G,4G Cellular Network.

GSM GPRS Remote Controller

The King Pigeon S2XX Serial GSM/GPRS Remote Controller equipped Siemens MC55i quad-band GSM Module inside to make it is industrial class reliability, is a low cost, wireless M2M, wireless data logger, universal GSM GPRS Engine which can remote control outputs, transmit and receive analog, digital and pulse counter data, PLC, Varity metering equipment to any device connected to the Wireless GSM GPRS network.

◆2/6/6 digital inputs can be used as Pulse Counters;
◆4 Digital Relay Outputs can be programmed;
◆4/6/10 Analog Inputs. (12 bit resolution, 0-5V or 0-20mA);
◆2 Thermometer Inputs for DS18B20;
◆4 Power Source Outputs for external device;
◆Transmit in ASCII data format to RTU, SCADA,PLCs;
◆Compatible Modbus RTU IoT Protocols.