1 Channel T&H AIN Data Acquisition RTU

The RTU502x Series RTU is an internet of things device, it special design for remote measure temperature,humidity,4~20mA and 0~5VDC analog transducers, 9~36VDC voltage and AC Power ON/OFF Status. Widely used in BTS, Warehouse, Greenhouse applications. Supports SMS,GPRS,3G,4G Lte Cellular Networks. Compatible Modbus TCP protocol and can intergrate to the KPIIOT IoT Cloud Platform and OPC, SCADA and MES systems to build an industiral IoT Solution.

◆Measure temperature and humidity together;

◆Measure 4-20mA/0~5VDC Analog transducer;

◆Measure 9~36VDC voltage and AC Power ON/OFF;

◆Support remotely read historic data via SMS;

◆Supports GSM, SMS, 3G, 4G Cellular Networks;

◆Support Modbus TCP protocol;

◆Compatible the KPIIOT IoT Cloud Platform;

◆Compatiable OPC, SCADA and MES systems.