2-Simcard Cellular Industrial IoT Gateways

The Dual SIMCards Celluar M2M IoT RTU is a multi-functional telemetry terminal that combines data acquisition control and wireless remote transmission, supporting the latest Cloud Platform and most SCADA and OPC Servers. Widely used in BTS,unmanned rooms,highway bridges,natural disaster warning monitoring, pump control, sewage treatment, meteorological environment, oilfield pipelines, smart farming, smart agriculture and other occasions. Supports SMS,GPRS,3G, 4G Lte Cellular Networks. Compatible Modbus TCP and MQTT IoT Protocols and can intergrate to the KPIIOT IoT Cloud Platform and OPC, SCADA and MES systems to build an industiral IoT Solution.

◆Equips 2 Simcards, 2 RS485, 1 Ethernet Port;

Supports mapping registers and edge computing;

◆Supports DIN,AIN,DO,Temperature&Humidity inputs;

Supports GSM SMS,GPRS,3G,4G Lte networks; 

◆Convert Modbus TCP/RTU to SMS or Cloud Platform;

Compatible Modbus TCP and MQTT IoT Protocols;

Compatible the KPIIOT IoT Cloud Platform;

Compatiable OPC, SCADA and MES systems.