Cellular DTU (Serial Port to 4G)

Cellular DTU (Serial Port to 4G)

The Cellular IoT Gateways are an Internet of things device, is a data transfer unit(DTU). Used to convert serial RS485/232/TTL data to internet over GPRS/3G/4G Cellular networks or Ethernet, supports transparent transmission and Modbus to TCP protocol, widely used in digital factory, industrial automation, serial instrumentation, mechanical equipment,PLC,meters,VFD,flow meters to access to the Internet. Supports SMS,GPRS,3G, 4G Lte Cellular Networks. Can intergrate to the KPIIOT IoT Cloud Platform and OPC,SCADA and MES systems to create industiral IoT Solutions.

Supports GSM SMS,GPRS,3G,4G Lte networks; 

Converting RS485/232/TTL to Internet;

◆Converting Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP;

◆Supports 2 Simcards and Ethernet communcations;

◆Widely used in PLC, VFD,Meters monitoring;

Compatible the KPIIOT IoT Cloud Platform;

Compatiable OPC, SCADA and MES systems.