4G Wireless LED Controller

The 4G remote data acquisition LED display control board S258 can be directly fixed in the LED display frame to achieve on-site data collection and control and display through the LED screen. At the same time, the 4G wireless network performs data exchange with remote servers and control centers to achieve remote monitoring and Mobile APP real-time viewing function. A five-in-one structural design that integrates data acquisition, control output, data processing, display processing, and communication processing. It is widely used in construction site environmental monitoring, outdoor environmental monitoring, public area noise environment monitoring and display, reservoir monitoring and display, forest Fire monitoring and display, traffic flow collection and road condition prompting, speed collection and warning prompt, road safety warning, factory production data collection and display, etc. need data collection, control output, LED display and other occasions.

Support SMS/GSM/3G/4G, no distance limitation; 

◆Equips AI,DI,DO and RS485 ports;

Real-time data acquisition and LED display onsite;

Fixed in the LED display frame,save costs;
◆Can extend IO modules or meters or PLC;

◆Supports Modbus,MQTT,PLC Protocols;

◆Compatible KPIIOT Cloud Platform and SCADA;

◆Widely used in Road safety warning,environment monitoring and so on.