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Air Compressor Central Air Conditioner Remote Monitoring IoT Solution

Issued Time 2020 - 03 - 24BY Read 162Times

Ethernet Remote IO Module is an industrial iot solution device,special used in Air Compressor Central Air Conditioner Remote Monitoring to achive following function:
1.Collect air compressor status,output compressed gas pressure and flow, dryer status, central air conditioner status, cold water flow and pressure, distribution box residual current, load current, power consumption, temperature and humidity, door status, smoke, water flooding, etc. (equipment must support Modbus protocol ).
2.Collect data gas pressure, gas flow, electricity, etc. on each floor.
3.Collect each factory fan air outlet temperature, flow and pressure ,other device or IO access
4.Collect the top floor exhaust fan running status, elevator overload alarm. 
5.Stable &reliable Ethernet communication, support various data acquisition requirements, support standard Modbus TCP, MQTT protocols and customized protocols.