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King Pigeon Small Battery Pack Monitoring System BMS110

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Development background:

According to market feedback, due to the high cost of the current BMS battery management system, many customers actually need to monitor the voltage of each battery, the total load current, and the ambient temperature of the small battery pack. The main application scenarios are solar power supply system, base station backup power system, and small computer room backup power system. application system scenario diagram is as follows:

Main Features:

1. Collect 4 single battery voltages, each channel measure range is 0-15V,can measure total voltage of battery pack.

2. 2G/3G/4G worldwide cellular network.

3. Modbus/MQTT portocol

4. SMS/Call/Cloud/Email Alarm.

5. Wide voltage 9-60V power supply.

6. One channel supports DS18B20 / AM2301 at the same time for temperature&humidity monitoring .

7. 1USB port  for PC configuration.

8.  2AIN, support 4-20mA, 0-5V at the same time,used for current  


9.  2 DIN, used for anti-disassemble, flood alarm, etc.

10.  1 channel siren output

11.  1 DO(relay)

12.  Support hardware watchdog

13. .Support system clock, built-in super capacitor power supply, alarm message can be checked with time stamp attached.

14.  Built-in 900mah lithium battery.

15.  LED indicator :1 signal indicator, 1 running indicator, 1 alarm indicator, 1 Data indicator, POWER indicator.

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