UPS and temperature and humidity monitoring project of a medical and health care company

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1. Customer background:
        A company is an innovative company with more than 150 years of history, with core competitiveness in the health and nutrition of life sciences.

2. Application background:
        With the rapid development of big data cloud computing in recent years, the importance and stability of the computer room has become a hot topic. However, power security is the primary guarantee for data center security. Once the power loss of the computer room is lost, we cannot estimate it.

On June 17, 2018, Sina Weibo experienced a "black hour", almost all the platform, Weibo CIO Wang Hao responded after the incident, the reason for the failure is "outside the entire room power failure." As an insider, it is hard to imagine that the Sina Weibo data center supporting hundreds of millions of users will have an accident due to power security problems. On July 25 of the same year, Qi Niuyun and Cheng Yun took the opportunity at the same time. Qi Niuyun said that due to power failure in the operator's computer room, there was a problem with uploading and downloading storage space in East China. After verifying with the fault IDC service provider, several cabinets tripped, causing the cabinets hosting the core equipment to be powered down, affecting the operation of the seven cattle business. At the same time, it affects one metropolitan area network core switch, which indirectly affects another data center user and shoots cloud services.

In fact, there are many factors that cause the power outage of the equipment room, such as: equipment power failure, unstable room temperature, and humidity in the equipment room.... These are the unfavorable factors that cause hidden dangers in the equipment room.

3. Customer needs:
        Monitor the power outage of the equipment room (including UPS power failure), temperature and humidity of the equipment room. It is required to perform the alarm in real time through the telephone/SMS/WeChat/WEB terminal when the power is cut off, or when the temperature and humidity reach the set threshold.

4. Program matching:
        S275+ temperature and humidity probe + cloud platform

5. Realize the effect:
        S275 (4G IoT RTU) collects the data of the temperature and humidity probe. When the threshold set by the customer is reached, the first time the relevant management personnel (including the mobile phone number, micro signal, etc.) that the customer has set in advance are sent a notification; in addition, when S275 When the mains (or UPS) is powered off, the built-in battery will work, and the power-off information will be notified to the relevant management personnel in time. Thereby achieving the needs that the customer wants to achieve.

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