S266 Wireless 4G Temperature Data Logger used in BTS Monitoring for a Group

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S266 Wireless 4G Temperature Data Logger used in BTS Monitoring for a Group

Customer introduction

        A limited company is located in the Nantou Peninsula in the west of Shenzhen. The Pearl River is on the east bank of the seaport. It is only 20 nautical miles from Hong Kong. It is uniquely located. It is the “sea gateway” connecting the world with the Pearl River Delta economic circle and even the hinterland of China.
A container terminal is one of the three major container terminals of Shenzhen Port. After 15 years of development, a terminal has become an international professional container terminal with advanced facilities and perfect management. The total number of berths managed is 9 and the total length of the berths is 3,400 meters. It can provide excellent service 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. The three 40' shore bridges that have been put into use can operate three 40' containers (six 20' containers) at one time, and the operational efficiency is greatly improved.

customer demand
        In the equipment room, a large number of semiconductor devices, resistors, capacitors, and the like are used. When the equipment is working, the increase in ambient temperature will affect their normal operation. When the temperature is too high, some components may not work properly or even completely lose their function, resulting in malfunction of the computer equipment. Therefore, the temperature monitoring of the equipment room is particularly important, and the computer room of Chiwan Wharf is distributed in different locations of the dock. It is difficult to find problems in time by manual inspection. Therefore, customers hope to remotely check the temperature of each computer room through mobile phones and computers. Super high, notify the on-duty personnel through SMS calls, etc., and dispose of them in time.

Program matching
        S266+DS18B20 (temperature sensor) + Golden Dove Cloud Platform

Achieve results
        Through the Golden Dove Cloud platform, users can use the mobile phone, computer, PAD and other terminal devices to know the temperature status of the computer room in real time. When the temperature triggers the alarm, the user's mobile phone, WeChat, and computer will push the alarm information and dispose of it in time.