4G IoT Gateway used in Water sac monitoring in Wuhan

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4G IoT Gateway used in Water sac monitoring in Wuhan

Customer background
       Wuhan Construction Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, production, construction and leasing of special PVC and rubber products such as test (pre) pressure water bags, hanging water bags, water bladders and air bags;

customer demand
       Remote monitoring of water bladder pressure building monitoring through mobile phone computer, when the water bladder leaks and ruptures, etc., remote alarm notification to relevant duty personnel, timely disposal;

Program matching

Achieve results
       The pressure sensor detects the pressure in the building water tank in real time. D223 transmits the pressure data collected by the sensor to the KPIIOT cloud platform. When the pressure in the water tank is abnormal, the KPIIOT cloud platform uses mobile phone WeChat, APP, computer and other statistics. Notify relevant personnel. And record the pressure data inside the capsule to form historical data and curve analysis, which is convenient for users to record and look back.


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