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Attend to 2019 SuZhou IoT Exhibition

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Welcome to our Booth in 2019 The 11th International Internet of Things Exhibition in Suzhou

Date& Time:13th~15th March 2019
Address:Suzhou International Expo Center Hall

King Pigeon Communication Co.,Ltd. participated in the

2019 The 11th International Internet of Things Exhibition in Suzhou, 2019.  2019 Suzhou International Internet of Things Exhibition will be held on March 13-15, 2019. It's expected to be a complete showcase of IoT industry chain with more than 700 exhibitors.It is exclusively dedicated to showcasing the whole IoT industry chain.It also shows the IoT solutions and applications in various industries..

During the exhibition,we will provide many different industrial cellular RTUs and controllers,4G LTE IoT modbus RTU,4G LTE cellular telemetry,SMS IIOT RTU module,NB-IOT modem,Cellular RTUs and Controllers,Industrial Cellular RTUs,4G LTE,Industrial IOT Gateway,4G Telemetry,GPRS datalogger,GPRS Telemetry,4G LTE Telemetry Kit,4G LTE Cellular Telemetry,Modbus gateway,Cellular RTU,4G LTE IoT RTU,SMS IoT RTU,Cellular IoT RTU,NB-IOT IoT Modem,GPRS IoT Modem,4G LTE IoT Solutions,Cellular M2M RTU,Wireless M2M RTU,3G SMS Remote Control Alarm Unit,GSM Telemetry System,4G LTE Data Logger,SMS Data Logger,Cellular Modbus Gateway,Cellular IoT Gateway,GSM RTU Alarm Controller,Cloud Platform,etc

King Pigeon Communication Co.,Ltd. Specialized in Cellular IoT Gateway, Cellular M2M RTU, LoRa Gateway, Remote IO Modules, IoT Cloud Platform OEM ODM Since 2005.

So far, more than 220 IoT Devices are available, sold more than 1,000,000 IoT Devices to 200 countries and regions.

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