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Sensor to cloud meter data acquisition and monitoring system

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Sensor to cloud meter data acquisition and monitoring system

Statement: Application cases represent only one application, not all practical applications.
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Intelligent and automatic remote meter reading monitoring system, widely used in gas industry, water industry, power industry, etc., through remote measurement and monitoring of remote flow measurement, remote control, data acquisition, etc. Operational situation, achieving scientific and automated management purposes.

Through the remote meter reading monitoring system, the user terminal is always online, automatically transmitting real-time data of the on-site working conditions, and remotely monitoring, remote control, data collection, etc. by collecting the flow parameters, current and other logistics parameters on site, and real-time grasping the operation of the field devices. To achieve scientific and automated management purposes, greatly reducing the cost of reading and writing. The water meter or meter data is sent to the cloud through the Sensor to cloud, and the frequency of collecting data is set on the cloud platform to achieve efficient centralized management, and the alarm function is implemented when the usage is over-utilized.
Auto Meter system

[Applicable equipment]: Wireless IoT module

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