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S47X temperature and humidity sensor solar monitoring system

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S47X temperature and humidity sensor solar monitoring system

Statement: Application cases represent only one application, not all practical applications.
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The use of solar power systems to solve environmental monitoring, forest fire prevention, and highway monitoring equipment power supply issues has become the fastest, most effective, and most convenient way. No human operation (automatic control), economic, energy saving, environmental protection and so on. Moreover, solar power generation is a clean energy source that has neither resources nor pollution, and has a long service life, stable performance, and low maintenance costs.

The solar monitoring system does not need water, oil, steam, fuel, and can generate electricity as long as it has light. It is a clean, pollution-free renewable energy source, and it is easy to install and maintain, has a long service life, and can be unattended. The solar panel generates current under the illumination of sunlight, and the electric energy charges the battery under the control of the controller, and supplies power to the electric equipment. Sensors such as wind speed, rainfall, temperature and humidity are connected to the S27X/S47X (outdoor equipment with waterproof enclosure) through 4~20MA, and the wind speed, rainfall, temperature and humidity values are monitored and controlled on the cloud platform, and alarms are triggered. Thereby achieving remote, real-time monitoring. It is environmentally friendly and saves labor costs.
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[Applicable equipment]: S27X, S47X

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