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S275 remote acquisition control of dragon fruit planting status

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S275 remote acquisition control of dragon fruit planting status

Statement: Application cases represent only one application, not all practical applications.
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Pitaya is a tropical and subtropical fruit with high requirements for light, especially in winter. If the light is insufficient, it is easy to enter the dormant period. After the flowering period is delayed, the amount of fruit is also affected. Therefore, dragon fruit also has certain requirements for lighting.

The growth of dragon fruit requires lighting. At the same time, monitor the important environmental data such as temperature, humidity, light intensity, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall of the dragon fruit planting environment, and provide data technical support for the dragon fruit lighting technology, and then combine the soil moisture and crop data collected by the Internet of Things system. Such as intelligent irrigation of water and fertilizer and scientific planting dragon fruit.
Pitaya planting remote monitoring

[Applicable equipment]: S275