3G Analog data Logger with waterproof enclosure(IP67) and AT25 antenna


3G Analog data Logger with waterproof enclosure(IP67) and AT25 antenna

Model no:S263

GSM 3G RTU Remote Data Acquisition Alarm Controller S263 is a cost-effective IoT data monitoring and acquisition control terminal with waterproof and dustproof functions. Industrial grade GSM/GPRS/3G communication module, integrated stable and reliable high-performance microprocessor MCU, providing 4 high-precision 4~20mA, 0~20mA, 0~5VDC industrial standard analog transmitter input and 1 relay Output. Through wireless GSM, GPRS, 3G wireless network, users do not need to visit the site, you can set the high limit, ultra high limit, low limit, ultra low limit four-speed alarm threshold for collecting data according to different needs, when the collected data reaches When the high and low limit alarm threshold is set, the product will immediately notify the user via SMS, call, GPRS, 3G network and transmit data to the monitoring center, and automatically perform the action of turning off or turning on some devices.

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GPRS/GPS/SMS Analog Data Logger

The King Pigeon S262 S263 Data Logger inbuilt industrial Quad-band GPRS Engine,GPS module optional. 4 channel Analog inputs (0-20mA,4-20mA,0-5V) support Ultra-Low/Low/High/Ultra-High limit alarm monitoring.

One digital relay output with NC/NO contacts controlled by alarm event,SMS command or Rejected Caller-ID(charge free).

With Internal memory, S262 S263 save historical data half a year for inquiry & download by PC software via USB cable or KingCenter CMS-02 Remote Monitoring System via GPRS TCP/IP, and tracking the real time GPS location with optional GPS module.

Daily report, schedule upload, event upload via GPRS to remote monitoring center (TCP/IP) or by SMS to users mobile phone available.

S262/S263 used for field monitoring in worldwide, we offer GPRS protocol for clients to build their own monitoring software/applications.

Typical Project

A. Wide Range Temperature Alarm and Record
Save temperature data(-200~200°C,-70~500°C) on local unit,get alert SMS and phone call when temperature exceed pre-setting value, download the historical data by USB (PC Programming Software) every few months or half a year.
Suitable for: Manufacture,Machine factory,Cold room, Medicine center.
1: Install S262 on site
2: Setting alert value and record interval time
3: Download historical data to PC by USB
What you need
S262 Standard Kit + SIM Card + TMI500
PC Progrramming Software
Mobile Phone number for receiving alert
Computer with WinXP or Win7/8 OS
B. Real Time Unman Station Monitoring
Install the S262 and detectors on the station,record and report real time data to KingCenter CMS-02 via GPRS TCP/IP remotely, as well as send alert SMS and making phone call when temperature/current/voltage/humidity/water level data exceed pre-setting value.
Suitable for: Server room,Medicine center, Weather station,Agriculture,Pump station,Oil supplier,Water supplier,Fuel pipe,BTS station,etc.
1: Install S262 and detectors
2: Setting alert value and record interval time & GPRS parameters
3. Remote monitoring real timedata
4: Download historical data
What you need
S262 Standard Kit + SIM Card + WLI100 + Current/Voltage transducer + TMI300
PC Progrramming Software
Mobile Phone number for receiving alert
KingCenter CMS-02 System
DNS/Server IP address and Port
Computer with WinXP or Win7/8 OS
C. Real Time Fuel Level Monitoring and Record with GPS Tracking
Install the S262 on vehicle,save fuel level and temperature data on local unit,get alert SMS and phone call when temperature or fuel level(in case of gasoline theft) exceed pre-setting value, get GPS tracking info on Google Map, Remote monitoring real time values and download historical data anytime anywhere by KingCenter CMS-02 System via GPRS TCP/IP.
Suitable for: Refrigerated transport,Cold truck,Seafood transport,Logistics Management,Construction vehicle,etc.
1: Install S262 and detectors on vehicles
2: Setting alert value and record interval time & GPRS/UMTS parameters
3. Remote monitoring real time data and GPS location
4: Download historical data remotely
What you need
S262 +GPS Standard Kit + SIM Card + TMI500 + WLI100
PC Progrramming Software
Mobile Phone number for receiving alert
KingCenter CMS-02 System
DNS or Server IP address and Port
Computer with WinXP or Win7/8 OS

Tagsdataloggerwireless data loggerAnalog acquisition Remote monitoring GPS positioning History query Waterproof housing IP67

Ø  GSM Quad-Band,distribute worldwide applications available

Ø  4 channel analog input: 0-20mA,4-20mA,0-5V

Ø  SMS command or PC Software programming

Ø  User-programmable alarm thresholds (Ultra-Low/Low/High/Ultra-High)

Ø  6 numbers for receiving input alert and relay control

Ø  Relay control programmable when alarm thresholds exceed

Ø  Relay control by Caller-ID with free of charge, SMS, GPRS(*work with KingCenter CMS-02)

Ø  Recording data on internal memory:

Min interval: per 5mins, can save data on unit more than 6 months

Max interval: per 255mins,can save data on unit more than 10 years

Ø  Historical data download to PC ( .csv format) via USB

Ø  Historical data query and download remotly by GPRS(*work with KingCenter CMS-02)

Ø  Supports 2 Server(Master and Slave) via GPRS

Ø  Daily report, schedule upload, event upload programmable

Ø  AC/DC Power status monitoring, AC ON/OFF alert by SMS

Ø  Rechargeable Backup Battery inside(Approx.8hours standby)

Ø  IP67 Environmental protection enclosure(S263)

Ø  GPS tracking module optional 


1)      GSM Frequency: Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz

2)      Input Channel: 4 Analog, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V

3)       Output:  1 Relay, NC/NO contacts, 7A/125V AC, 5A/250VAC,20A/14VDC

4)       Power Supply :  9~24VDC 2A

5)      Power Consumption:  12V input Max.50mA/Average 25mA

6)      SIM Card Supporting:  3V SIM Card

7)      GSM Antenna:  50 ohm SMA Antenna interface

8)      Backup Battery:  3.7V/1200mAH

9)      Relative Humidity:  90%(condensation free)

10)    Installation:  35mm DIN Rail (S262), IP67 Enclosure (S263)

11)    Connecting Wires:  2.5mm

12)    Exterior Dimensions:  145*90*41mm (S262)

                                             i.          180*140*60mm (S263)

13)    Net Weight:  250g

PC Programming Software

S26x Series PC Programming Tool (Windows XP and Windows 7/8 OS) Functions:

Ø  Authorized users setting

Ø  GPRS Parameters setting

Ø  Server IP and Port setting

Ø  Ultra-Low/Low/High/Ultra-High alarm thresholds

Ø  Query current values

Ø  Data recording interval

Ø  Historical data inquiry and export( .csv format)

Ø  SMS Daily report interval

Ø  GPRS data upload interval

Ø  Relay action setting

Ø  Relay test

Ø  Date & Time adjustment

Ø  GPRS data transceiving debug

S260 GPRS GPS temperature monitoring alarm programming

1. Basic setting page

GPRS GPS remote monitoring temperature unit setting software

2. Alarm thresholds setting

GPRS GSM GPS temperature alarm monitoring pc software setting

3. Relay test and GPRS Debug page

GSM GPRS temperature monitoring historical record data

4. Historical Data export ( .csv format)

Download S26x series GPRS GPS Temperature & Analog logger's programming software:

King Pigeon S260 GSM GPRS GPS Temperature and Analog data logger programming tool_en_V1.19.rar

EMI Standard :


EN 61000-3-2:2014;

EN 61000-3-3:2013;

EMS Standard:

EN 55024:2010+A1:2015;

EN 1000-4-2:2009;



EN 61000-4-5:2014;

EN 61000-4-6:2014;

EN 61000-4-8:2010;

EN 61000-4-11:2004;

CE-LVD Standards:

IEC 60950-1:2005+A1:2009+A2:2013;

EN 60950-1:2006+A2:2013;

EN 62311:2008;


ETSI EN 301 489-1 V2.2.0(2017-03);

ETSI EN 301 489-17 V3.2.0(2017-03);

ETSI EN 300 328 V2.1.1 (2016-11)。

Packing List

ü   Main unit x1

ü   100~240VAC/12VDC 2A Power adaptor x1

ü   GSM Antenna x1

ü   GPS Antenna x1 (*for GPS model optional) x1

ü   User Manual & PC Software CD x1

ü   Size: 235 x 225 x 65mm

ü   Gross Weight: 0.75KG

Optional accessories:

-200~500 Temperature transducer with anticorrosion packing

Fuel/Water level transducer

Current/Voltage transducer
Typically applications:

1.      BTS Monitoring;

2.      Security Alarm System applications;          

3.      Supervision and monitoring alarm systems;

4.      Automatic monitoring system;             

5.      Vending Machines security protection;

6.      Pumping Stations, Tanks, Oil or Water levels;

7.      Buildings and Real Estate;

8.      Weather Stations; 

9.      River Monitoring and Flood Control;

10.   Oil and gas pipelines;  

11.   Corrosion protection

12.   Temperatures, water leakage applications;

13.   Wellheads, boat, vehicle;

14.   Energy saving, street lights control system;

15.   Valve controls;

16.   Transformer stations;   

17.   Unmanned machine rooms;

18.   Control room application;

19.   Automation System, M2M;

20.   Access Control System;

21.  PLC Gateway, PLC Remote Monitoring.