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By King Pigeon | 25 December 2020 | 0 Comments

DAM and RTU5022 Relay output problem

1.[Q]:what is the relay input and out put voltage range of DAM acquisition module?

  [A]:Relay 250V*5A(AC) or 14V*20A(DC);


2.[Q]:Why DIN of IOT101 only send SMS but can not call after alarm?

   [A]:Set the alarm phone number in the configuration software number setting and √ alarm phone.


3.[Q]:How  to solder the antenna of IOT100

   [A]:short-circuit the antenna signal point and GND,As shown below:

4.[Q]: When turn on the IOT100 The signal light is off, the configuration software cannot be opened?
    [A]:Use a multimeter to input the power supply voltage 11.5VDC,if still off,Please contact Kingpigeon salesman

5.[Q]:Is the RTU5022 relay output default NO or NC,on-site device without coil and low current,whether can connect with the device directly?
 [A]:1). The relay output default is NO,but the output type can be changed,detail settingrefer to manual:

 2). RTU5022 Relay rated output 7A/125VAC,20A/14VDC,can not connect directly,but it can be switched by a switch with a coil

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