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By Sam | 23 April 2021 | 0 Comments

Tunnel remote monitoring system

Tunnel remote monitoring system
The tunnel remote monitoring system is composed of 4G IoT gateway R40 and M160 industrial Ethernet IO acquisition module, no PLC equipment is needed, and real-time remote data acquisition and control of the tunnel are realized.

Tunnels are widely distributed on suburban roads and railways. In the tunnels, it is necessary to monitor the working status of the exhaust fan, the indicator light control of the lane, the monitoring of harmful gases, the traffic conditions in the tunnel, the tunnel pressure monitoring, and the rescue indicator light control, etc., and real-time Transmit the data to the monitoring center system.

Through the most cutting-edge Internet of Things technology, the use of Jinge Technology's wireless IoT gateway R40 and Ethernet IO data acquisition module can perfectly solve the needs of remote tunnel monitoring, improve the digital upgrade of traffic, greatly improve efficiency and reduce safety Hidden dangers.

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