IIOT: Industrial IoT Gateways
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IIOT Gateway Technology
By Sam | 13 April 2021 | 0 Comments

The Differences of IoT Gateway and Industrial IoT Gateway 

IoT Gateway is the internet of things gateway, used it to connect the things(Devices, meters, sensors, home automation, Wearable devices) to cloud platform. most all of them are in consumption electric products.
Industrial IoT Gateway called IIOT Gateway, used it to connect industrial devices, machine, PLC to Cloud Platform.

For IoT Gateway, usually use BLE, WIFI as communication.
For Industrial IoT Gateway, usually use GPRS, 3G, 4G Lte, NB-IoT, Lora, Ethernet Technology.
For IoT Gateway, there are no encryption for data exchange;
For Industrial IoT Gateway, some applications require data encryption, some applications no need  data encryption. but the trends are all industrial iot gateway require data encryption, and some special application also require VPN tunnel functions to ensure the data is security.

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