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RTU5023/6/7/8/9 Common problems and solutions

  Send SMS instructions to the device and the device does not response

1.Look at the flashing of the signal light to determine whether the device has registered the signal;
2. Is there any error in the device password, default 1234, if it has been changed in the configuration software, the new password should be used;
3. Is there any error in the short message instruction? Notice that there is no "+", and "#" is under the English input method;
4. Whether the mobile phone card in the device has the SMS function enabled;
5. If you use SMS APP to send short messages to the device without reply, please check whether the mobile phone has the right to send short messages and make phone calls to SMS APP.

Device is not registered to signal
1. Check whether the external power supply is connected or not, or whether the external power supply is power-off.
2. Check whether the module version and the card in the device are universal or not, and whether the module model (2G/3G/4G) installed in the device is correct. For example, in China, 2G devices do not support Telecom 
cards, 3G devices do not support mobile cards, and 4G devices support all netcom.
3. Whether the SIM card is loose or not;
4. There is a problem with the card slot contact of the device.adjust higer the pins of the card slot with a tweezers,and install the card again

The device has triggered an alarm but does not send an alarm message/call
1. The device is not "armed". Please use the SMS command or the configuration software to "arm".
2, the battery voltage is too low, can not send text messages, please connect the external power supply to charge the device;
3. The format of the telephone number is incorrect, and the country code should be added, for example, China is 0086.
4. The GSM signal is too low;
5. The SIM card in the device is in arrears.

The device power-on indicator is off, but the device can be turned on and can send SMS messages normally.
1. Send a SMS message command “Password EE (such as 1234EE)” to see if there is any voltage value in the returned SMS message;
2. Disconnect the external power supply and watch the alarm message that can receive the power failure or the buzzer that hears the alarm.
If the above two steps are normal that is the indicator light of the power supply is broken. 
If the equipment is normal, you can contact King Pigeon relevant personnel to solve the problem. Please contact us before above two steps have been done and tell the test results.

Immediately after the device is powered off, the buzzer will sound and alarm. After a period of time, the buzzer will not sound and all the indicators will be off after the power is turned off.
Replacement of a new power adapter charges the device for half a day, and then power off again to see if the indicator light of the device will turn on or whether the buzzer will ring. If the indicator light will turn on and the buzzer will ring, it means that the power adapter is broken. If change a new power adapter still doesn't available,that means the battery of the device is broken. Please contact King Pigeon's technician.

The analog measurement of RTU5027 is not accurate
The range setting is incorrect. Please refer to page 9 of the manual.

Use RTU5029 to monitor only external power outages. If there is no three-phase power, it will be falsely reported every other week or so.
1. Connect three-phase electricity;
2. Set the automatic reboot cycle of the device to 0 (do not restart automatically). For details, see the SMS command on page 11 of the manual.

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