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By KING PIGEON | 27 January 2021 | 0 Comments

[Question]: S281 connected to the non-King Pigeon cloud server and will be dropped frequently.

   [Question]: S281 connected to the non-King Pigeon cloud server and will be dropped frequently.
  (1) Please confirm the "no data idle offline time" of the device, do not set to 0;
  (2) Please confirm whether there are any settings such as heartbeat packet and heartbeat response packet. If there is any setting, please confirm whether these settings are consistent with the server side, and the heartbeat period is less than “no data idle offline time”;
  (3) If the server does not have a heartbeat mechanism, it is not necessary to set a heartbeat packet and a heartbeat response packet;
  (4) If there is no problem above, please check if the device has sent a heartbeat packet to the server, and if the server has correctly responded to the heartbeat response packet;
  (5) After confirming that there is no problem in these above steps, start the printing device information: 
        a. Shut down the device, connect the USB of S281 to the computer, open a serial port tool, find the correct COM port (serial parameter: baud rate 115200, data Bit 8, stop bit 1, no check) Open the serial port; 
        b. Turn on the S281, you can see the printing information of the device, copy this part of the data to the King Pigeon after-sales personnel.At the same time take a screenshot of the network settings page in S281 and send them together.

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