IIOT: Industrial IoT Gateways
IIOT, Industrial IoT, M2M, 4G RTU, 4G Industrial Routers, Modbus Gateways, Modbus TCP Gateways, MQTT Gateways, OPC Gateways, Ethernet IO Modules.
By KING PIGEON | 26 January 2021 | 0 Comments

[Problem] The history data of S240 cannot be queried

[Problem] The history data of S240 cannot be queried.
(1) Confirm equipment calibration time is the local accurate time;
(2) Set the storage interval of the historical data of the device (default is not saved);
(3) Run the device for more than 24 hours, open the history page on the configuration software, select the starting time and number of bars, and click Read.

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