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I/O Modules for Data Acquisition
By Sam | 26 October 2021 | 1 Comments

Ethernet I/O Module for Multiple-Applications

The I/O module is widely used in the industrial field for purpose of data acquisition.  There are many options in the market,  which one to choose ?   this one deserve your attention.
The M160T Ethernet I/O module has the following features outstanding from others.

First of all, M160T comes with RS485 serial port, which can be used as a Modbus RTU master station to poll data from sensors and smart meters, or as a Modbus slave station connecting to SCADA, PLC, HMI etc.   See below diagram

Secondly, M160T supports Modbus TCP Client and TCP Server.  It can be easily connected to local data server through TCP communication without complicated configuration.

Thirdly,  M160T supports MQTT protocol and facilitate access to the IoT cloud platform.  Below is the example

In conclusion, M160T Ethernet I/O module is a highly reliable device and can be used in Multiple applications.  It supports both  IIoT cloud and local data server in the industrial field.  For more details,  please visit  
M160T Product Page
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