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By Fiona Dai | 16 August 2022 | 0 Comments

LoRa Gateway for Greenhouse Monitoring and Control

BLIIoT S281 LoRa gateway data acquisition system used in greenhouse monitoring and control.
It can be used to monitor soil moisture, environmental monitoring, device control and other functions.
LoRa wireless communication between gateways and nodes, communication distance can be up to three to five kilo meters sight distance. There are various of LoRa nodes to choose from.
Sensors for meteorological environmental monitoring are Temperature and humidity, Light intensity, CO two content, TVOC, Wind Speed, Wind direction.
The temperature and temperature and humidity sensors are powered by three AAA batteries, which can be used for one to two years, and the batteries can be directly replaced by AAA batteries.
Sensors for soil moisture monitoring are: Soil temperature and humidity, PH value, Electrical conductivity, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium.
Two relay output control nodes can be used to control, Fans, Roller blinds, Solenoid Valve, Four channel Digital Input nodes for acquisition, Smoke, Door Magnet, Infrared, Alarm Status.
Serial port transparent transmission node supports RS485 equipment data acquisition. LoRa gateway supports Ethernet and four G to communicate with the host computer or cloud platform. Users can built their own cloud platform through Modbus and MQTT protocols. S281 LoRa Gateway with built in Huawei Cloud Driver, Alibaba Cloud Driver
BLIIoT is now widely used in greenhouse, Smart Farming, Field Monitoring, Orchard Monitoring.
It is an ideal solution for smart agriculture related system.

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