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Data Acquisition System Andon Monitoring System

What is Andon?
In manufacturing, andon (Japanese: アンドン or あんどん or 行灯) is a system which notifies managerial, maintenance, and other workers of a quality or process problem. The alert can be activated manually by a worker using a pullcord or button or may be activated automatically by the production equipment itself. The system may include a means to pause production so the issue can be corrected.
Andon system is one of the most effective means to improve manufacturing quality and production efficiency. It has been fully applied in various industries and has been successfully promoted to various manufacturing-related industries around the world.

The main function of Andon system
1. Work station operation management - station call; centralized event call.
2. Equipment operation management - fault, operation status, maintenance information.
3. Information visual management - display call information, fault information and line stop information through Andon Kanban.
4. Material call - display material call information through the material display screen.
5. Quality call - call quality information through broadcast.
6. Device call - when the device fails, it will be called by broadcasting.
7. Maintenance call management - display maintenance information through the maintenance Andon board.
8. Public information management - display various public information through the information display screen. The role of andon system and its use
LoRa Wireless Andon System
LoRa gateway S281+ LoRa node WT101+ Andon

BLIIoT S281 data acquisition system used in factory andon data acquisition
The status of the equipment can be judged by the andon status to obtain the utilization rate, OEE and other indicators.
The system adopts wireless LORA self-organizing network technology without wiring, and does not need to be shut down during installation.
The system consists of LORA gateway and LORA node, communication distance can be up to 3 to 5 km sight distance, one gateway can work with 50 nodes.
The node has 4 andon status acquisition interface, which can collect the status information of andon in real time.
Nodes use wireless LORA technology send data to gateways.
LoRa gateway supports Ethernet and 4G to communicate with the host computer or cloud platform.Users can built their own cloud platform through Modbus and MQTT protocols, MES, ERP. LoRa Gateway with built-in Huawei Cloud Driver, Alibaba Cloud Driver.
BIIoT S281 data acquisition system also can be used in factory temperature and humidity monitoring, energy consumption monitoring, fire safety monitoring and other scenarios.
LoRa Wireless Andon System Advantages
1.Promote lean production and improve the level of on-site management; 
2. Establish a rapid, transparent, top-down abnormal monitoring mechanism; 
3. Optimize the feedback process of abnormal information on the production site; 
4.Effectively assess and support department personnel to solve problems 
5. Establish a processing mechanism for abnormal conditions on the production site, and introduce a layer-by-layer reporting mechanism for exceptions;
6. Store complete information about the abnormal processing process.


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