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I/O Modules for Data Acquisition
By Fiona Dai | 09 September 2022 | 0 Comments

BLIIOT ProfiNet Edge Distributed IO Module BL200PN

Profinet (usually styled as PROFINET, as a portmanteau for Process Field Net) is an industry technical standard for data communication over Industrial Ethernet, designed for collecting data from, and controlling equipment in industrial systems, with a particular strength in delivering data under tight time constraints.
Profinet implements the interfacing to peripherals.It defines the communication with field connected peripheral devices. Its basis is a cascading real-time concept. Profinet defines the entire data exchange between controllers (called "IO-Controllers") and the devices (called "IO-Devices"), as well as parameter setting and diagnosis. IO-Controllers are typically a PLC, DCS, or IPC; whereas IO-Devices can be varied: I/O blocks, drives, sensors, or actuators. The Profinet protocol is designed for the fast data exchange between Ethernet-based field devices and follows the provider-consumer model Field devices in a subordinate Profibus line can be integrated in the Profinet system seamlessly via an IO-Proxy (representative of a subordinate bus system).

BL200PN coupler is a data acquisition and control system, based on a powerful 32-bit microprocessor design, using Linux operating system, supporting Profinet protocol, and can quickly access on-site PLC, DCS, PAS, MES, Ignition, SCADA and ERP systems, At the same time, it can also quickly connect to AWS cloud, Thingsboard, Huawei Cloud and Alibaba Cloud and many other cloud platforms. Built-in programmable logic control, edge computing, customized applications, suitable for IIoT and industrial automation applications.Support RT real-time communication, the minimum period of RT real-time communication is 1ms. The coupler supports a maximum input of 1440 bytes and a maximum output of 1440 bytes.
The BL200PN coupler is a modular distributed I/O system. The system consists of 3 parts: Fieldbus couplers and various types (digital and analog signals and special functions) I/O modules and terminal modules.
The communication between the node and field devices (eg Siemens PLC) takes place via the Ethernet interface of the fieldbus coupler, and the communication between the fieldbus coupler and the I/O modules takes place via the local bus. The switch function is integrated inside the two Ethernet interfaces, and a linear topology can be established without additional switches or hubs.
The system needs to use a power supply module to provide 24VDC system voltage and 24VDC field voltage. Due to the use of 2 sets of independent power supplies, the field voltage input interface and system voltage input interface of the BL200 series coupler are electrically isolated from each other.
When assembling the field bus node module, each I/O module can be arranged in any combination, and it is not required to be grouped by module type.
A terminal module (e.g. TERM) must always be plugged into the end of the fieldbus node to ensure correct data transmission.

Typical applications

The distributed I/O module system is suitable for applications in scattered areas because of its high reliability, easy expansion, easy setup, and convenient network wiring. It is widely used in data collection and various controls. Products are widely used in the Internet of Things, smart factories, smart medical care, smart home, smart transportation, power environment monitoring in computer rooms, electricity, oil monitoring, automobiles, warehousing and logistics and other industries.
The BL200PN coupler is used as a Profinet slave station, and both the ETH1 and ETH2 network ports can be directly connected to the Profinet master station, or connected to the Profinet master station through a switch.


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