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The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the HVAC industry. Connected heating and cooling system can not only help users control their equipment, but also provide more value-added services for HVAC manufacturers with data collection and advanced analysis. With tens of thousands of air conditioning equipment installed, the manufacturers need to achieve real-time status monitoring of the dispersed equipment, receive fault alarms and increase efficiency. 
King Pigeon provides complete IoT solution for  AC manufacturers to move from reactive to proactive maintenance, reduce costs and improve the customer satisfaction.
● An easy-to-embed IoT device with low power consumption
● Low network transmission rate and device cost, performing reliably under high/low temperature and electromagnetic interference environments.
● Network management function for centralized management of large-scale IoT devices.
● IoT device provides local and remote maintenance interfaces. Maintenance staffs can not only perform the device configuration, log review, and data packet capture via the local interface, but also achieve remote monitoring via the InHand Device Manager Platform in unattended situations.  

King Pigeon Solutions
King Pigeon Smart Factory IOT
IOT Device – S281 Cellular Lora Gateway
● Support 4G/3G/2G
● Full-industrial chip design with excellent EMC features
● Ultra-low power and small form factor, meeting the requirements of different air conditioning models under different modes
● Support transparent TCP protocol and user private protocol 
● Support user define frame for easy AC identification 
● Support data storage and compression, ensures transmission in network failure 
● Support network management function for centralized management
The S281 connects to the air conditioner motherboard via serial port RS232/RS485 and send the real-time status data to the monitoring center via GPRS/3G network. Engineers can conduct remote debugging and online programming, receive failure alerts and dispatch repair staff as soon as possible. The accumulated data and advanced analytics will also help the equipment manufactures cut downtime with predictive maintenance and provide feedback to optimize product design. 
 ● Cost-effective and flexible wireless remote monitoring solution 
● Remotely detect and address any potential failure of the unit to reduce maintenance costs and increase operational efficiency.
● Centralized management via S281 Device Manager cloud platform 
● Help HVAC manufactures deliver preventive maintenance and value-added services