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based on the King Pigeon S273 remote hydrological detection
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 In the remote hydrological monitoring system, many water level points need to be monitored in real time. Most of the monitoring data need to be sent to the back-end server of the management center for processing in real time. Because the monitoring points are scattered and widely distributed, the real-time tracking and monitoring of the environment can be carried out 24 hours a day through the establishment of an online monitoring system. The system can quickly process the returned data and send the collected pollution data and warning information to the hydrological monitoring department through the 3G/4G network. Doors, to achieve timely management of pollutant discharge units or individuals, can greatly improve the efficiency of hydrological departments.
based on the King Pigeon S273 remote hydrological detection
The online monitoring system can save a lot of manpower and material resources, and provide quantitative data support for on-site processing and administrative law enforcement. Installed in the online monitoring system, continuous and uninterrupted monitoring will be carried out. The real-time data obtained can be transmitted to the data platform through wired or wireless networks in time for easy control .

2.Online system monitoring components

3.Achieving Results
The hydrological data can be sent to the hydrological inspection station management personnel every day, and the authorized management personnel can log in to the Internet to view the hydrological data in real time. Once the water level and the flow rate reach the warning value, the remote monitoring terminal will notify the first time of the telephone short message and let the management Personnel take timely and effective means to win valuable time.

Applicable equipment model: S273, S274, S275