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DAM124 oil temperature monitoring system

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DAM124 oil temperature monitoring system
The temperature rise of the transformer oil usually reflects the load and heat dissipation of the transformer. The oil level reflects the sealing and oil leakage of the transformer. The non-charge monitoring of the oil temperature rise and oil level is very important for the safe and reliable operation of the oil-immersed distribution transformer.

By monitoring the oil level and oil temperature of the transformer to judge the transformer load and heat dissipation, the transformer can operate safely and reliably. DAM124 connects S257 through RS485, expands I/O port, accesses PT100 and WLV102, realizes oil temperature and oil level data monitoring on the platform. When the oil temperature or oil level exceeds the preset value, immediately alert by SMS, telephone or WeChat, etc., so that timely action can be taken to avoid potential safety hazards.

[Applicable equipment] S257, DAM124,