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Intelligent Traffic Enforcement (ITS) solutions are being adopted at an accelerating rate around the world. They help police forces identify and punish traffic offenses without draining the resources of overstretched civil forces, creating a reduction in accidents and a net increase in automotive safety.
The individual enforcement devices gather data from the sensors then temporarily store the data on a local device, such as a field computer. At night the storage device will transfer photograph and other data to the command center. However, this processes requires a high-capacity, reliable network connection that can withstand years of service in outdoor conditions.
Wireless cellular devices provide a cost-effective network connection for Intelligent Traffic. Technicians can easily install the devices in any field enclose without delving into the costly process of burying fiber-optic cables. In addition, wired systems incur steep maintenance costs with constant risk of damage and very expensive repairs. Fiber-optic cables often cannot be repaired in the middle of the line and must be entirely re-installed if they become damaged.
King Pigeon Networks approached a local government with a wireless solution for Intelligent Traffic Enforcement.

4G industrial VPN  Router                                
In this project, a local municipality allocated six-hundred monitoring stations around the urban area. The municipality planned to expand the monitoring stations to outlying suburban areas, however they encountered a problem. How can they install fiber-optic connections for such distances? The cost and time required for such a project would far outstrip their budget. Because of the cost of fiber deployment, it became clear that third-generation cellular was the clear choice for this project.
4G industrial Router(R40)
Based on these requirements, King Pigeon Networks suggested the cellular 4G industrial Router(R40) for Intelligent Traffic Enforcement. The IP cameras would connect to an industrial PC or a Programmable Logic Controller through the R40's embedded switch ports. Utilizing the robust, high-capacity HSPA+ cellular connection, the ITE devices uploaded traffic data such as speed reading and camera images. The data was secured with an encrypted IPsec VPN tunnel that provided end to end security to protect from traffic devices from outside attack as well as secure data transmission. The R40 guarantees reliable wireless networking for Intelligent Traffic Enforcement.