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Mechanical equipment vibration monitoring
Mechanical equipment vibration monitoring

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 Mechanical equipment vibration monitoring
Vibration is an important indicator in the operation of mechanical equipment. When the vibration of the mechanical equipment is too large, it may be caused by equipment failure. The vibration monitoring of the King Pigeon mechanical equipment can know the vibration of each mechanical equipment remotely, and the data will be alarmed immediately

King  Pigeon mechanical equipment vibration monitoring program installs the vibration sensor on the equipment, collects the vibration sensor data with the King Pigeon IoT collection device and uploads the data to the cloud platform. The user can check the parameters of each device through the mobile phone and the computer. The data abnormal platform notifies the user through mobile phones, computers, etc., and the remote alarms are disposed in time to avoid production accidents.

Remote vibration monitoring
[Applicable equipment]: D223, Wireless IoT Module