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New smart Weather Station & Fire Monitoring based on IoT Technology
In order to effectively predict weather conditions and air quality, it is often necessary to set up micro weather stations in multiple places. Traditional weather stations have low timeliness due to communication technology and fail to monitor weather conditions and air quality in a timely and effective manner. With the help of the Internet of Things technology, it is now possible to immediately upgrade the traditional weather station to a smart weather station.
4G LTE Industrial VPN Router R40
King Pigeon Communication Co.,Ltd. adopts the most cutting-edge communication technology, and the R40 developed by it can not only provide the function of equipment wireless access to the network, but also has powerful data collection functions, such as collecting air pressure, PM2.5, rainfall, sunlight, wind direction, wind speed, rain Snow, earthquake, smoke, fire, etc., and also has programmable logic control functions. For example, when the temperature is abnormal or a mountain fire is detected, the alarm can be activated immediately to warn.

Through the R40 wireless IoT gateway, users can check the weather status and receive alarm information at any time in the monitoring center, APP, etc.
4G industrial IoT gateway  R40
The R40 4G industrial IoT gateway is also suitable for outdoor remote monitoring applications.
Moreover, the R40 Industrial IoT Gateway also suitable for lots of applications, e.g,: IoT Energy, ETC IoT, Smart City, and so on.