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RTU S272 Water Pump IoT Monitoring System


The water pump IoT monitoring system realizes the functions of remote control, real-time monitoring, running status recording and fault alarm notification of the optical water pump controller. Users can control the equipment through mobile phones or computers, check the operating status of the equipment, and know the occurrence of faults in time. This not only reduces the work intensity of management and maintenance personnel, but also can deal with faults and maintain equipment. By querying and analyzing the historical operation data on the server, you can grasp the equipment usage, failure rate and other information, and provide data support for equipment maintenance.

2.System Block Diagram

Real-time monitoring of water leakage, water tank level, temperature and humidity, incoming pressure, outgoing pressure, and flow of the pump room can be realized through Sensor+ S272 + KPIIOT Cloud. On-duty personnel can view various data in real time through computer PC and mobile APP , When the data is abnormal, you can receive reminders such as phone calls, text messages, WeChat, emails, APPs, etc., and can link the on-site alarm.

3.System functions

  • Monitor and display the running status of the water pump in real time and collect various operating data, including running stop time, running time, fault time, fault content and other data;
  • Pump fault management, record fault information, and accurately push it to relevant staff, and generate fault statistical reports to facilitate staff analysis and processing;
  • Intelligent statistical analysis, displaying historical operating status and historical fault records in pie charts and tables, and combining big data analysis technology to assist decision-making;
  • Life cycle management, according to the equipment maintenance cycle, intelligently remind customers to carry out equipment maintenance or maintenance.

4.Application scenarios

  • Remote monitoring and management of urban water supply systems, power plants and factory pumping stations
  • Oil Well Remote Monitoring System
  • Thermal Power Plant Remote Metering System
  • Remote measurement and control system for river water level valve
  • Water source well remote monitoring and control system