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RTU S275 Smart Light Pole Application Case
As business owners and facility managers become more aware of the need for better management of outdoor lighting, energy efficient use, and in order to better manage outdoor lighting and nearby facilities, they need some type of lighting control system. IoT is a good solution. The benefits are obvious. No need for additional wiring, intelligent remote control of outdoor lighting can be realized, feedback results can be obtained in a timely and accurate manner, and even an early warning of the usage of lighting fixtures can improve maintenance efficiency and reduce "patrol" manpower and vehicle-related costs. Save street light maintenance costs. The intelligent control of lighting saves a lot of electricity expenses, can extend the lighting time in cloudy and rainy days, and reduce the lighting time when the weather is fine, so as to meet the user's lighting needs for special times and purposes. Intelligent control of lighting reduces overall lighting time and extends lamp life. It can also realize functions such as automatic meter reading and billing, and keep abreast of electricity consumption. Ensure the interests of multiple parties such as the government and owners.
Smart light pole application solution requirements

01. Unable to control the lighting duration of street lamps, resulting in serious waste of energy.
02. The failure of street lights is not detected in time, causing safety hazards to pedestrians at night.
03. The difficulty of lighting management continues to increase, and remote control and centralized management cannot be realized.
04. The inspection efficiency is low, the manual inspection and maintenance cycle is long, and it is not easy to maintain urban street lights.
05. The lighting in the traditional mode cannot provide monitoring data, requires a lot of manpower and material resources, and the cost is too high.

System Composition

01. Smart Lighting
Through S275, relying on 4G wireless communication network, it can realize remote centralized control and management of street lamps, with functions such as automatic brightness adjustment according to demand, remote lighting control, active fault alarm, lamp cable anti-theft, remote meter reading and other functions, which can greatly save power resources. , improve the management level of public lighting and save maintenance costs.
02. Environment Monitoring
Using street light poles, the whole city covers big data monitoring, including PM2.5, dust, smoke, light, temperature and humidity, etc.; the data collected by the transmitter is sent to the platform for real-time monitoring through S275.
03. Video Surveillance
Video surveillance and specific security monitoring sensors are installed on smart light poles to achieve city-level security monitoring. The video, sound and other information captured by monitoring can be transmitted to the cloud platform in a timely manner, making city management more efficient.
04.LED Display
Install LED information display screens to show various information, including advertisements, traffic flow, public transportation information, parking garage guidance information, etc. The information to be released by the management and control platform can be sent to the LED screen of each smart light pole through the S275 to realize remote release, centralized release, and real-time release.
05. Intelligent Charging Pile
Through the S275 wireless gateway, it provides stable wireless communication support for platform statistics management and remote management of charging piles, APP paid charging, third-party paid access, etc.
Advantages of Smart Light Poles
 Energy saving and environmental protection: lighting on demand, double energy saving.
Safety protection: automatic alarm for leakage, automatic alarm for theft, reducing accident safety hazards.
Real-time monitoring: Real-time monitoring of urban environment, data directly to the server or cloud platform, real-time monitoring through SMS, mobile APP.
Fault alarm: ensure the lighting rate of lights, improve the satisfaction of user, exempt most labor costs, and facilitate troubleshooting.