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RTU502X Series Used for Power Outage and Temperature Monitoring in Fishponds

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Fishpond aquaculture water mostly adopts circulating flow water. The quality of water quality and water temperature determine the stability and instability of the ecosystem of the pond. Therefore, collecting the water temperature of fish ponds is the basic guarantee for the rapid growth of aquaculture. King Pigeon technology can automatically detect water temperature and power outage of fish pond online by software and hardware, collect and transmit data to the cloud to reach the management platform for data visualization and automatic early warning.


The system is widely used in aquaculture fields such as fish ponds, ponds and lobsters, and also supports breeding fields such as chicken houses, duck farms and pig farms. The sensor is located at the lowest level of the application of the entire detection system. The sensor mainly detects and controls the water quality parameters and transmits it to the Golden Pigeon Cloud Platform through the RTU equipment. The cloud platform provides WEB-based multi-level management and mobile APP-based mobile monitoring platform. The fault alarm information can be notified to the management personnel in real time through voice, SMS, and WeChat. Based on the remote IoT management platform, the administrator can confirm the alarm information. Trigger remote control and linkage to eliminate security risks in time.
RTU502X Series Used for Power Outage and Temperature Monitoring in Fishponds
[Applicable equipment]: RTU5023, RTU5026, RTU5027