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S150 ATM machine anti-theft alarm monitoring system

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The ATMs in the city are scattered and the cost of on-site monitoring is high. The ATM machine safety alarm can be remotely monitored by the King Pigeon S150 device. When there are criminals trying to force the ATM to open or the user of the withdrawal is attacked, the S150 can send alarm information in real time to avoid losses.
S150 ATM machine anti-theft alarm monitoring system
In order to facilitate the residents' lives, ATM self-service cash dispensers have more and more distribution outlets in the city. For banks, the corresponding management costs have also increased. Banks need to monitor in real time whether there are criminals being stolen, and they need to receive timely warnings when the cashier is in danger. Install the King Pigeon S150 equipment plus emergency button and door magnetic sensor next to each ATM machine. When the cashier is in danger, press the emergency button, or when it is illegal to start the ATM machine, the S150 will automatically dial the monitoring center. At the same time, SMS will also be sent to remind the monitoring center to avoid economic losses.

[Applicable equipment]: S130, S140, S150,S27X