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S270 vending machine remote monitoring
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The distribution of vending machines is scattered and numerous. The sellers need to monitor the inventory quantity of the vending machines in real time, and replenish them in time to avoid out of stock and unable to sell, causing certain losses. Through the King Pigeon equipment, the vending machine can be monitored and managed in batches to reduce labor costs.
S270 vending machine remote monitoring
Nowadays, there are many vending machines in various places such as parks, subways, shopping malls, railway stations, etc. The seller needs to know the sales quantity of the vending machine, so that it can be replenished in time to avoid the shortage of goods. Through King Pigeon S270 equipment, you can monitor the number of vending machines sold, the seller can set the total number of sales and the time to report the number of sales. When the sales quantity reaches the set total saleable quantity, the device will automatically send a SMS message to notify the seller, and then the seller can go to the supplement. In addition, the equipment can also report the quantity sold during the time interval at a time, so that the seller can understand the sale in time. 
Vending machine remote monitoring
[Applicable equipment]: D223, S270, S271