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S272 heating pipe Water temperature and water level monitoring
Water temperature, water pressure and water level monitoring of S272 heating pipe
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Water supply and heat pipe network monitoring system is based on cloud server platform, using explosion-proof wireless sensors (flow, pressure, temperature, etc.), IoT intelligent gateway, intelligent measurement and control terminal, and configuration monitoring software to achieve pipe network flow, pressure and temperature. Real-time parameters such as real-time acquisition, remote wireless transmission, monitoring and early warning.

Water pressure monitoring
Common pipe networks include water supply (tap water) pipe network, heat (heating, steam supply) pipe network, compressed gas pipe network, oil and gas pipe network, etc. Due to excessive temperature and pressure of the pipe network, or climate change factors, aging of the pipe network, and man-made damage, accidents such as damage to the pipe network and explosions occur frequently, which seriously affects the normal operation of the pipe network.

There are also problems such as the discharge of various domestic and industrial pollutants, which has led to a decline in the water quality of the water supply network. The traditional wired network monitoring, high transmission line requirements, easy to generate blind spots in complex environments, and rely on manual periodic inspection, high cost, hidden danger. In order to ensure the safe operation of the pipe network, real-time remote monitoring of the entire pipe network is required. 

The water supply and heat pipe network monitoring system designed by our company mainly collects parameters such as pressure, temperature and water level to realize real-time remote monitoring of the pipe network to ensure the safe and normal operation of the pipe network. Staff can monitor the safety status of the heating pipe in real time through a PC or smartphone. When an unexpected situation occurs, such as a sudden change in water level, pressure, or temperature, the system automatically sends an alarm message to notify the relevant personnel to take emergency measures against the location where there is a safety hazard, to avoid accidents, and to turn on or off the emergency equipment remotely by the first time.

System Block Diagram:
 Water pressure monitoring
[Applicable device model]: S27X/S47X