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S27X environmental data acquisition transparent transmission system
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Human beings continuously discharge various pollutants into the environment, which will endanger human health and survival when it exceeds the self-purification ability of the environment.

Nowadays, real-time monitoring environmental protection data system has become an effective means for relevant departments to obtain continuous monitoring data in time.

Environmental protection data acquisition and transmission monitoring system can realize real-time monitoring of primary instruments, and transmit monitoring data to platform monitoring center through transmission network in time. At the same time, it can receive and execute various instructions issued by monitoring center to realize remote monitoring, real-time monitoring and over-standard alarm.

The wireless data acquisition and transmission system of environmental monitoring is connected with flowmeters, COD, PH meters, ammonia nitrogen, residual chlorine, flue gas measuring instruments and other instruments through analog signal interface, digital signal interface, which makes the monitoring of instruments more convenient and fast, and meets the requirements of online monitoring of pollution sources at all levels of national, provincial and municipal control in the field of environmental protection.

Various instruments can access Golden Pigeon equipment S27X/S47X through analog or digital signals, upload the data obtained by various instruments to the platform, real-time monitoring of these data on the platform, triggering alarms, etc.

Environmental monitoring System
[Applicable equipment model]: S27X, S47X, MXXT, MXX, MXXC