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S372 coal mine safety monitoring solution
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Although China's coal mine safety production has made great progress, the overall level is still relatively low compared with the horizontal, and there is still a big gap compared with the international advanced level of coal mine safety production, especially the safety accidents of heavy coal mines. 

Something happened. How to use information products to ensure safe production of coal mines, prevent accidents, quickly and accurately locate after accidents, and carry out emergency rescue and repair, has become a major issue before us. King Pigeon Coal Mine Safety Monitoring System transmits the data detected by the sensor to the control computer through the communication module, realizes the data detection and collection, achieves the dynamic management of safety production supervision and supervision, knows the safety production status of the coal mine in real time, and keeps abreast of relevant safety technical work of the coal mine. parameter.

 Coal mine monitoring system
The coal mine production management personnel can grasp the underground production situation in real time through the monitoring system, thus effectively guiding the production. Once an abnormal situation occurs, such as high gas solubility, it can be immediately alerted to the frontline management personnel, and immediately take effective measures to intervene to avoid the occurrence of leisure. 

[Applicable equipment]: MXXXT, S372