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S475 temperature, flow and other sensors + industrial automatic control system
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For various physical quantities encountered in metallurgical, chemical, mechanical manufacturing and other production processes, including temperature, flow, pressure, thickness, tension, speed, position, frequency, phase, etc., there are corresponding control systems. On this basis, a digital control system with better control performance and higher automation, and a process control system with dual functions of control and management are also established through the use of a digital computer.

Traditional industrial technology transformation, factory automation, and enterprise informationization require a large number of industrial automation systems, and the market prospect is broad. Industrial control automation technology is moving toward intelligence, networking and integration. Industrial automatic control systems are more in line with human development needs for industrial automation control. Effective use increases the economic and social benefits of the company while improving production efficiency and quality. The factory automation control system, the production process is automatically controlled, and the temperature during the heating process of the material is controlled. The preset value can be set on the platform, and the high limit alarm stops heating immediately. The temperature can be measured by the thermal resistance PT100, programmable PLC, to achieve temperature control, time control and logic control.

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[Applicable device model]: S17X, S27X, S37X, S47X