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The Combination of MES with OPC UA IO Controller Enabling You to Optimize Your Entire Operation
BLIIoT has launched a new generation of OPC UA distributed I/O data acquisition and control module compatible with Modbus TCP and MQTT protocols.
BL200PRO is an EdgeIO which combining information technology (IT) with operational technology (OT) enables industrial enterprises to meaningfully use the data generated within the company.
In addition, the OPC UA built-in security IC enable the secure of OT and IT, providing a simple, efficient and secure new generation of industrial field data acquisition solutions for the majority of MES user.

Why BLIIoT EdgeIO BL200PRO distributed IO system is perfect for the MES user?
1, What is OPC UA? The OPC Unified Architecture (UA) is a platform independent service-oriented architecture that integrates all the functionality of the individual OPC Classic specifications into one extensible framework.
This multi-layered approach accomplishes the original design specification goals of:
Functional equivalence: all COM OPC Classic specifications are mapped to UA
Platform independence: from an embedded micro-controller to cloud-based infrastructure
Secure: encryption, authentication, and auditing
Extensible: ability to add new features without affecting existing applications
Comprehensive information modeling: for defining complex information
2, What is MES?
Manufacturing Execution System is not just a single information system of a factory, but a Integrated management system, for various enterprise information systems such as SCP, ERP, CRM, data warehouse, etc. As long as the factory object is included, MES is inseparable. MES can be summarized as one purpose - how to perform manufacturing, two core databases - real-time database, relational database; two communication interfaces - interface with control layer and interface with business planning layer. It provides the operator/manager with the execution, tracking and all resources of the plan (people, equipment, materials, customer requirements, etc.) The purpose is to solve the black box problem of the factory production process and realize the visualization and control of the production process.
3, What is the relationship between OPC UA and MES?
Data acquisition system is responsible for providing basic monitoring data for MES and is an important part of MES.
OPC UA typically manages the exchange of data between MES information systems and between low-level devices. It is ideally suited to system monitoring and reporting. 

4, Why MES user should choose BLIIoT EdgeIO BL200PRO OPC UA distributed IO system
1, The OPC UA protocol will not be blocked by the technology of the country
2, Data encryption, high security, can pass through the firewall.
3, OPC UA is a unified framework and will not be restricted by platforms such as windows and Linux. OPC UA can be deployed on PC, mobile or embedded devices. In addition, OPC UA can also run without the need for an operating system.
4, No programming language restrictions, C#, C++, python, java can be used as the programming language of OPC UA.
5, Various OPC UA products are available, from sensors to large server data centers, the products are very rich.
6, The concepts of the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 are very popular right now, and OPC UA is playing a key role in it. As long as it is an enterprise with a manufacturing and processing plant, the use of OPC UA must be an inevitable trend.
BLIIoT developed the EdgeIO BL200PRO OPC UA distributed IO system, providing MES users with low-cost, safe and reliable field equipment, sensor to OPC UA solutions.
As the first manufacturer in the industry to come up with the concept of OPC UA distributed IO module, BLIIoT BL200PRO perfectly interprets the integration of IT and OT. BL200PRO is composed of network adapter (coupler) and IO module. The coupler is compatible with Modbus TCP, MQTT, OPC UA protocols, can be used as Modbus TCP server, MQTT Clinet client, OPC UA server at the same time.
When BL200PRO acts as a Modbus TCP server, It can provide IO signal acquisition control for Modbus TCP client host computer such as PLC and controller. When BL200PRO is used as an MQTT Client, it can be used to connect to MQTT servers, not only to connect to user-built MQTT servers, but also to connect to major public cloud platforms. BL200PRO has built-in data templates for public clouds such as Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Amazon AWS, and Thingsboard. The user does not need to write the rule chain of the message on the server side, and supports one-click connection to the above platforms. As an OPC UA server, it can provide safe and reliable IO signal data for the MES system.

BL200PRO supports a maximum of 32 IO boards and 512 IO signals. It adopts high-speed backplane communication. The IO board supports digital input/output, analog input/output, PT100, PT1000, Thermocouple, pulse input, IO signals such as pulse output. Users can make their own combination according to the industrial site. BL200PRO can convert these IO signals into Modbus TCP, MQTT, OPC UA protocols at the same time, which not only satisfies the on-site control, but also uploads the data to the cloud, and can also connect to the database MES system through OPC UA.

BL200PRO has built-in logic operation programming function, which can realize the linkage control of local IO signals without the need for the host computer, cloud platform or PLC, which greatly improves the response speed of the scene, and can also save the cost of a PLC for users in specific scenarios.

BLIIoT focuses on the R&D and production of industrial IoT related products. We will release a distributed IO controller based on CODESYS soon, moving toward the complete integration of industrial automation, IT and OT.