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Wind Power Plant Remote Monitoring
In recent years wind power plants are widely developing as an alternative energy source used to generate electrical power without adding to global warming. To guarantee a sustainable and safe power supply, wind turbines must reliably produce energy every day under extreme conditions and therefore should be controlled and monitored efficiently and in a real-time basis. Ensuring reliable communication and remote control of hundreds of wind turbines located in large areas becomes even more difficult when considering the severe environmental conditions and temperature variations under which they operate.

The Wind Farm Manufacturer recently opted to use Kingpigeon networking switches to overcome all these difficulties while integrating the devices into a large Ethernet network infrastructure.

For each wind turbine tower, N40 unmanaged switch is used, The base of the wind turbine tower employs N40 managed switch, which is designed for Ethernet access and PoE applications.It provides 4 electrical ports,1 fibre optical port and PoE port. Hardware adopts fanless,voltage design and industrial standard tests which can suit for the industrial application as smart grid, new energy fields. Support industrial grade IP30 protection level,can work in -40-85℃ environment.

Using their gigabit copper ports, the switches further uplink the high-bandwidth data to R40 industrial router. which can manage routing between different IP subnets and extended groups.
Upload data to the Kingpigeon Cloud platform through the R40 router to implement data monitoring

Main Products
Kingpigeon Ethernet Industrial Switch N40 
Kingpigeon 4G Industrial Router R40
Kingpigeon cloud platform

Why Kingpigeon N40
Ø Support full duplex or half duplex mode with automatic negotiation ability.
Ø 10/100M Base-T(X) at the same time automatically adapt, full/half duplex MDI/MDI-X automatically adapt, no manual adjustment.
Ø Surge protection,support 4KV common mode, 1KV differential mode surge shock.
Ø Inside take a store-and-forward mechanism, cache 8 K.
Ø Support industrial grade IP30 protection level,can work in -40-85℃ environment.
Ø Redundant dual power supply,working power supply 9-60VDC.

Why Kingpigeon R40
Ø High-performance industrial-grade cellular router
Ø adopts 32-bit processor
Ø supports GSM/2G/3G/4G/GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA/HSPA+/LTE network
Ø provides high-speed wireless network
Ø automatic detection of network disconnection,
Ø automatic restart of dial-up failure
Ø scheduled restart to ensure network Stable connection