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Wireless iot module+cloud platform smart manhole cover monitoring
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The wireless smart ground monitoring solution integrates the information of the wells in the city into the category of smart city management through information technology. The local well is in an abnormal state, and the management personnel can obtain alarm information, lock down the danger, quickly locate and timely dispose the abnormal conditions of the well through the platform, and reduce the accident. The manhole cover of each department in the city shall be uniformly archived and unifiedly managed to improve the efficiency of control and control. The overall plan includes three parts: wireless smart well monitoring platform, mobile APP software, and ground monitoring terminal.
Wireless iot module+cloud platform smart manhole cover monitoring

The manhole cover monitor completes the manhole cover status monitoring and abnormal situation report, and the monitoring management platform completes the management of the manhole cover, alarm event handling, inspection, dispatching and other comprehensive services.

The mobile phone APP completes the manhole cover status inquiry and alarm information reception, the inspection personnel sign in, the abnormal situation graphic report, etc. The intelligent manhole cover monitor based on the Internet of Things special network, built-in inclination/motion detection, can monitor the state of the manhole cover in real time, when the manhole cover After the rollover or movement occurs, the alarm notification monitoring center will be started for the first time.
Smart manhole cover monitoring system.

[Applicable equipment]: wireless iot module + cloud platform