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D223 heat exchange station data acquisition scheme
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The heat station is a place where heat is concentrated and exchanged. It is divided into direct supply stations and inter-supply stations according to the form of heating.
D223 heat exchange station data acquisition scheme
The former is directly supplied to the power supply by the power plant, and the temperature is high, the control is difficult, and the heat energy is wasted. With the development of commodity economy and hot commodityization, the heating company began to improve the quality of heating, and there is a supply station, which belongs to central heating. Central heating is the development direction, with the main station.

The online remote monitoring system of the heat exchange station is divided into four parts: the acquisition layer monitoring instrument sensor (flow meter, flow totalizer, electroplating valve, temperature sensor, pressure sensor), transmission layer number transmission terminal (acquisition field instrumentation signal, through LoRa /DTU and other networks transmitted to the monitoring center), cloud platform (based on the cloud server communication network platform), management center (monitoring large screen, mobile terminal APP)

[Applicable equipment]: D223, S275